Zady's New Self-Titled Private Label Is Taking A Farm To Closet Approach

Zady Private Label

You may remember a few months back, I talked about Zady, a store dedicated to helping consumers make more conscious purchases. Well today I'm here to tell you about some exciting new developments from Zady. Yesterday the fine people over at Zady reached out to let me know about their new self-titled private label their creating, and I couldn't be more excited. The new label comes on the heels of their one year anniversary and will be a continuation of their original mission to put an end to fast shopping. 

The new collection is going to be a fashion line, starting with one essential sweater that will become a timeless piece in your wardrobe. The line will have the highest level of sustainability & ethics, setting new standards for the fashion world. The sweaters will be created in what is being described as farm to closet fashion. The wool is being sourced from Imperial Stock Ranch, which was chosen due to its dedication to having a carbon positive footprint. The treatment, dying, and manufacturing will also all take place in the U.S., keeping the entire process domestic from start to finish. 

When asked about the process, Maxine Bédat, co-founder of Zady said “We are excited to have our hands in the entire process, from farm to closet. Getting to this level of detail takes time, resources, and finding and supporting a community of suppliers that will be proud of this new level of transparency that we are bringing to market.  Once we have our sweater mastered, we plan to expand the line to focus on other timeless pieces made from the best natural materials.”

The final product won't be launched until November, but over the next for months I'll be sharing updates with you on how it is progressing. I should have some photos of the final product by mid September, until then you'll just have to enjoy the sketch above to get your first impression of the line. To see some of the incredible photos of Imperial Stock Ranch, where the wool is being sourced, check out below. I must say, it is quite the breathtaking place! 

Now tell me ladies, what do you think of this amazing new line Zady is creating? Do you appreciate the attention to sustainability & ethics as much as I do? I firmly believe in buying quality pieces that will help you build you a wardrobe to last for years to come, so why not do it in a way that is also doing good for our world! 

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