Winter Is Coming | The Arrivals

 As the weather starts to get colder, coats are about all I have on my mind. You see I'm one of those people who loves really chilly fall days and long cold winters. I know that it's weird, but I can't help myself. Usually the winter means spending lots of time indoors with my loved ones, so  maybe thats why. For those times when I do need to leave the house, I like to make sure that I'm rocking a stylish & warm coat. This ensures that I don't start to regret choosing a cold weather season as my favorite.

A few years ago I use to have quite a lot of coats, but now that I'm living in a city apartment where closet space is limited I really don't have that luxury anymore. This means I need to buy less coats and focus on purchasing just one or two quality ones that can last me for years. Only having two coats for me is pretty upsetting, so I need to make sure that they are incredibly chic. Thankfully with the launch of a new coat line my stylish coat dreams are coming true. 

The Arrivals is a new coat line that aims to bring you quality, fashion forward coats at a semi-affordable price. I only say semi-affordable because the women's coats range in price from $245 to $685 dollars. Now it's not the most affordable but when you take into account the quality, design, and made in the USA aspect of it, I think they are totally worth a second look. I must say that my two favorites are the moto jacket and the parka. I'm really loving that the parka has an optional removable fur liner, which will make it great for multiple seasons. Anything that can get me through the chilly fall, freezing winter, and rainy spring will always have a place in my closet. 

What do you guys think of The Arrivals line? Are these coats striking your fancy? 

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