Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Tart

This past weekend I did brunch out at one of my favorite Philadelphia restaurants, Parc. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend heading over for brunch and indulging in their mushroom tart with a glass of bubbly. Unfortunately for me while dining at Parc this past Saturday my eyes were WAY bigger than my stomach. I ordered a few glasses of champagne, ate a whole lot of bread, french onion soup, a fruit parfait, and finally my delicious mushroom tart. Sadly by the time my tart arrived I was so full I could only savor a few bites before I couldn't shovel any more food in. Disappointed and wanting more I decided I should recreate the meal with my own little spin on it.  Parc uses truffle pecorino in their tart so I decided to switch it up with some goat cheese. Feel free to use whatever your cheese loving heart desires as it's pretty hard to mess this tasty tart up. While this isn't exactly the same it's a really great substitute to get me through until my next visit! 

Do any of you have a delicious mushroom recipe I should check out? I use to despise mushrooms but now I can't get enough! I guess growing up in the mushroom capital of the world has finally caught up to me! 


        Click on the photo above for your printable version. 

       Click on the photo above for your printable version. 

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