White Chocolate Gingerbread Men

White Chocolate Gingerbread men

I like to think that I'm pretty good in the kitchen but one thing thing that I know I'm terrible at is the fine art of decorating anything dessert related. I think my problem is that I lack the patience and steady hand that is required to beautifully decorating anything from cakes to cookies. If I have to have a downfall in the kitchen, I guess that isn't too terrible of one to have. The only time it really frustrates me is during the holidays when I want to bake beautifully festive cookies. This year after making a terrible attempt at trying to ice cookies, I decided to come up with an equally delicious but easier way to sweeten my beloved gingerbread men. 

Since this months spotlight ingredient is white chocolate, I figured I'd give some melted white chocolate a chance to shine on top my yearly gingerbread men. I wasn't sure how the taste combination would work out but boy was I pleased at the insanely delicious, over the top goodness that resulted. Making these tasty treats is quite simple. To start, I recommend using this basic gingerbread recipe. I like to leave the dough the slightly thicker side when I roll it out to ensure that my gingerbread cookies are on the softer side.

Once the cookies have cooled, melt white chocolate over a double boiler until it is perfectly smooth. Then gently dip one side of the gingerbread cookies into the white chocolate and smooth it out with a butter knife to create a flat surface. The last thing you need to do is decorate them with any assortment of holiday sprinkles. Let the chocolate set in the refrigerator for about a half hour before serving and you're good to go! 

These gingerbread cookies are quick, simple, and guaranteed to impress any of your holiday guest! The white chocolate on top is an unexpected treat that will leave your guest slightly surprised but in the best possible way of course! 

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