Welcome Home Kit For New Doggie Parents

It's no secret that I want to get a dog. I've actually been wanting one for years but it's finally starting to look like more of a reality. Over the past few months it seems as if all of our friends have been welcoming canine friends into their homes left and right, and my desire for one of my own has been growing uncontrollably. While I often wish it was me with the puppy, it's nice to watch my friends go through this life milestone before me so I can get a chance to see the puppy rearing process through their eyes. It's given me a chance to really understand the dynamic of raising a puppy and all the things that are needed for one. 

One of the things that has really stood out to me is the amount stuff a new puppy requires. It's crazy how much simple things like collars, leashes, and toys can add up to! To help ease initial cost my friends were experiencing, I found this amazing dog starter kit from wildebeest. It's the perfect gift to give new puppy parents. It includes a collar, a leash, a to-go bowl, two tennis balls, and set of poo bags that is housed in a snazzy carry bag. The kits come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit the needs of various sized dogs. You can even mix & match the colors in the kits, choosing to have products of various colors for different items. At $69 each, the kits aren't cheap but when you're getting quality products that all made in the USA with a sustainable process I'd say it's a pretty solid deal. 

Now it's time for all you puppy parents to give me your advice! We're thinking of getting a little guy come spring so I need as much advice as possible! 


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