Weekly Playlists Curated From Top Music Blogs | Noon Pacific

Do you like good music but are not really into searching for it? I sure as hell do, and I sadly usually rely on the suggestions of my much hipper friends or I'll default to whatever is on the radio. In an effort to step up my game, I've started to listen to the weekly mixtapes curated over on Noon Pacific. Each Monday a new playlist is added to their website & app allowing you to discover new music for free with little to no effort. For days when I'm sick of my go to spotify playlists and am not in the mood to listen to commercials, Noon Pacific offers up new to me music that almost also hits the mark. 

So next time you are in the mood for some new jams without having to search them out, head over to Noon Pacific. The playlists always vary and while they might not always be up your ally who knows... you might just find your new summer song. Do any of you jam out to Noon Pacific ? I'd love to know a few of your go to tricks for saying up with whats new & worth listening to in the music world. 

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