Weekly Meal Planning Made Easy | Emeals

Each week when it comes time to go grocery shopping a twinge of disappointment floods me when I realize I did zero meal planning for the week. This usually results in me purchasing a ton of things I didn't actually need and a whole lot of wasted food. Not to mention I always end up spending way more than I should have because I didn't take the time to plan out what I actually needed to purchase. This all changed however when I found emeals last week. Emeals is a company that helps make your weekly meal planning as easy as just opening up your inbox. Each week they will send you seven days worth of meals and a corresponding grocery. It helps take the guess work out of the time old question of what's for dinner.

Emeals offers a variety of plans but with the holidays around the corner I am definitely leaning towards going with the low-fat option. This will ensure that I am getting a well balanced meal without all the guilt. A years worth of meal planning & coordinated shopping lists will cost you $58. When you take into account the money you will save with the budget friendly meals & focused shopping lists I think it's the $5 a month. I'm starting my two week trial next week and so far the meals they are suggesting look delicious! 

Have any of you tried emeals out? I'd love to get a few of your tips for how to be proactive with meal planning! 

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