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It's finally the weekend! Let out a little squeal of joy and do your happy dance. Weekends to me are about allowing yourself simple indulgences. They don't have to be excess, fancy, or expensive to make you feel like you are allowing yourself a bit of luxury. Since my weekend is going to be filled up with the tedious task of spring cleaning I feel like I am definitely deserving of a little indulgence. For months I've been eyeing up all of the amazing products that The Laundress has to offer. I've hesitated asking myself if I really needed to spend that type of money on cleaning products. Well I've finally decided yes, yes I do. Now I'm not running out and buying the whole line because that wouldn't be a simple indulgence now would it, but I am purchasing the home spray they offer. The smell is so delicate and clean that you'll want to give the house a full cleaning just to make room for all the loveliness. It's perfect for refreshing your bedding, upholstery, carpets, and more. For the first time ever I think I am actually excited for spring cleaning. 

I hope all of you invite a little indulgence into your life this weekend! Let me know if you indulge in anything particularly exciting! 

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