Urban Industrial Decor With Plaidfox

With my recent move, I've been thinking a lot about the style & feel I want for my apartment. I generally know exactly what I like, but explaining my vision to others isn't always so easy. Luckily for me, I recently came across Plaidfox, an online furniture store that is dedicated to helping you identify your style, while bringing you amazing furniture at reduced prices. I instantly fell for all of their amazing pieces so I figured I'd give their style test a chance and boy am I happy that I did. 

Once I answered a few questions, I was told my primary style is Urban Industrial, and my secondary style is Mid Century Modern. After digging a little deeper into how they describe these styles, I'd said they were pretty spot on. As soon as the test is complete, you can either choose to retake the test or leave the result as is if you're satisfied. Once Plaidfox understands your taste a bit better, they will filter results to hone in on products that you'll be most interested in.

Above I've curated a few of my favorite Urban Industrial pieces that are all available through Plaidfox. You'll find a perfect mix of metal, leather, and distressed wood... three of my favorite things. I know Urban Industrial style isn't for everyone, so I'm wondering how you guys feel about it? I'm quite smitten with the look, but I love to lighten it up by adding in lots of house plants and rustic elements. Just feels like home to me.

Let me know if any of you head over to the site and take the test. I'd love to know what your style profile is.

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