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It's just a little over one week until I move into my new apartment! To say I'm excited would be an understatement, but I'm also extremely overwhelmed. Our new place has dark hardwood floors throughout which is great, but with that comes the need for area rugs. I'm usually pretty indecisive when it comes to home decor because I love changing the look of my space on almost a daily basis. I can't commit to one single decorating style, so I usually end up going with all neutrals so that I can switch things up with ease. I love neutrals, just one look at my closet and you'd know, but sometimes my all white color scheme can get a bit dull. 

For our new space, I'm trying really hard to pick things outside my usual neutral pallet. Now don't get me wrong, our place is still going to be filled with very neutral furniture but I'm also looking to add some color with rugs and decorative accents. For unique rugs, I'm really loving the options that Gypsya has to offer. They are all hand made and have ridiculously good reviews from past costumers. I'm really leaning towards the Oh My Emerald rug above. It's really unique and at $348 for a 5x7 I don't think I can pass it up. 

I'd love to hear if any of you have bought anything from Gypsya before? If so let me know and give me you thoughts on the Oh My Emerald rug. I'm between that and the Blue Gray one which is much more in my comfort zone.

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