Toast & Butter's New Best Friend | SpreadTHAT!

I have to admit something to you guys, I'm obsessed with kitchen gadgets. I have a really bad habit of filling up our kitchen with every gadget I can get my hands on. Some have been ridiculous purchases, but have become kitchen life savers. Two gadgets that come to mind are my Yoshi Blade and jar opener which I pretty much can't live without! As the holidays start to roll around, I usually like to look for new kitchen gadgets to add to my wish list or to consider as stocking stuffers for my loved ones. The latest gadget on my radar is the SpeadTHAT! butter knife. 

I can't tell you guys how many times I've made toast and realized that I forgot to take the butter out of the fridge. I mean come on, nobody has time to remember to do that! Usually I end up making a mess of my toast because my grumbling tubby wants breakfast before the butter can come to room temperature. The SpeadTHAT! butter knife allows you to use butter straight from the fridge without ruining your toast. It accomplishes this by using heat conducting technology that warms up the knife through your body heat. Pretty sweet right? Now this totally isn't a must have purchase but I can think of a few people that would get of kick out of this as a stocking stuffer! 

How do you guys feel about kitchen gadgets? Think they are just another thing to clutter up the kitchen or do you love them? If you are more on the clutter side of things, I'd recommend trying out your cheese grater for buttering your toast next time around. When I'm in a hurry I'll usually grate my butter right over the warm toast and it melts to perfection. No knives required!  

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