This & That | NOVEMBER

No. 1 Himmeli Wreath // No. 2 Inner Truth Ring // No. 3 Sarabeth's Parisienne Hot Cocoa // No. 4 Copper Mug // No. 5 Faux Fur Booties // No. 6 Linen Nightshirt // No. 7 Muse Blanc Ceramic Candle 

How is it already two weeks into November?! Time needs to slow down a bit so that I can savor ever last minute of fall. I am a bit fanatical about Christmas but I try with every bit of willpower I have to resist decorating until at least Thanksgiving is over. Just because I'm not decorating doesn't mean I can't get into the cozy spirt of things. My favorite ways to transition from all the spookiness of October to the crisp feelings of November is to add lots of warmths into my home with lots of different textures, candles, and soft neutral colors. It really doesn't get much better than this Himmeli Wreath for multi seasonal decor. You can decorate it however you see fit, either leaving it alone in all it's glory or adorning it with some fall leaves for a Thanksgiving vibe. 

With November usually comes chilly temperatures. This November seems to be a bit colder than I remember but that just means I get to pull out my favorite Restoration Hardware fur slippers a little earlier this year. Pair that with the most delicious sarabeth's hot cocoa and you won't hear me complaining. Also with the holidays in my sight, I've got a few items that are already at the top of my wish list. I've long been coveting the muse blanc candle from Jonathan Adler. I love how unique it looks and it would be the perfect candle to display on the leaning bookshelves in our livingroom. Also my fingers are feeling a bit bare lately and I'm thinking that the inner truth ring from Vrai & Oro would be the perfect piece to dress them up! 

What are you guys loving for November? Are you holding on to every last minute before Christmas decor is everywhere or are you already in full Christmas swing of things? 

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