This & That | DECEMBER

No. 1 Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt / No. 2 Black Diamond Ring // No. 3 Coffee Scoop // No. 4 Hexagon Mirror // No. 5 Rose Gold Line Earrings // No. 6 Horned Animal Hook // No. 7 Blackened Cookware // No. 8 Linnea Lights Hearth Candle // No. 9 Spoon Rest // No. 10 Glass Bottle With Wood Stopper // No. 11 Bear Bookends 

For this month's this & that series, I'm sharing a few of the things that are highest on my wish list. For years I've been on the search for a new signature scent, and I think I've finally found one in the intoxicatingly beautiful wood sage & sea salt scent by Jo Malone. I've also been looking for a few final pieces to round out our apartment, and the two pieces that I think will do just that are those whimsical bear bookends & that stunning gold hexagon mirror. As for the pretty little things on my list, I'm really lusting after that stunning black diamond ring... I mean a girl can dream right? For a more affordable & realistic jewelry purchase, I'm hoping for the simple, yet stunning rose gold line earrings. The last and most important thing left on my list is a snuggly baby bulldog! I didn't think he'd look too good on my roundup above but I figured I'd share my most desired gift with you guys anyways! 

I Hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend! I'll be finishing up my Christmas shopping and visiting the local Christmas market thats in town. How about you? Anything fun & festive on your list? 

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