This & That | August

Dog TeePee | Dog Hoodie | Leather Strap Mirror | Basket | Facet Vase | Kastor Vase | Gatz VaseStudded Bud Vase 

Well hello August! Can you believe we are already at the tail end of the summer? It's beyond baffling to me how quickly the time is going, but I can't lie I am pretty excited for the fall. Since August is birthday season around here, for me at least, I have gathered a few of the things that are highest on my birthday list.

With sweet little Mango inhabiting the better portion of our space, I'm on a mission to make his doggy items seamlessly fit into our decor with this amazing dogie teepee and this hoodie from Pipolli. If you are obsessed with minimalist design and all things neutral, you'll love their doggy line for smaller sized pups. Aside from all things puppy related, the current CB2 line is everything I could want and more. With our freshly painted walls, these vases and this black basket are just what I need to bring it all together. Lastly to round it all out, I've got to get my hands on this round, leather strap mirror for our entry way. You have no idea how frustrating the past year has been sharing one tiny bathroom with my Mr.. Time for a mirror of my very own! 

So tell me, what's on your list for August? Is anyone getting as excited for fall sweaters & boots as I am?? 

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