The New & Improved Wedding Registry | Zola


Listen up brides to be, I'm about to share with you an amazing new company that is revolutionizing the world of wedding registries. With Zola you are no long limited to registering with big box stores for your guests convenience. Zola gives couples an insane amount of flexibility when it comes to registering for their big day. Not only do they make it easy for you to request products from any online store, but you can also request things that are out of the ordinary for a wedding registry. Some of my favorite unique offerings include coffee & beer subscriptions, custom framing for your wedding prints, and a painting services for you new home. On top of their out of the box options, couples can request cash funds for their future. 

One thing I love so much about Zola is that the experience feels personal. The registries are completely customizable, allowing the couple to share their story through photographs and personal notes. Instead of just buying the bride and groom a set of china they requested, guest will get a chance to understand why they picked that specific pattern with a little note from the couple. While everything is really great, I'd have to say my two favorite features are having the option to ask for larger gifts that are funded through group gifting and the choice of delayed shipping, allowing the couple to put off receiving their gifts until they are good and ready. 

Now I may not be getting married anytime soon, but I know I'll be keeping this amazing company in mind when it comes time. Have any of your lovely married ladies used Zola before? I'd love to hear about your experience! What do you guys think? Would  you use Zola or are you just not ready to abandon the traditional registry just yet?! 

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