The Rustic Christmas

No. 1 Blithe Ribbon // No. 2 Evergreen Forest Wreath // No. 3 Winter Tree Wrap // No. 4 Copper Pinecone Ornament // No. 5 Birch Log Bundles // No. 6 Copper Tree Skirt // No. 7 Wood Truck // No. 8 Cotton Stem // No. 9 Sweaterknit Stocking 

It's no secret that I love Christmas but when it comes time to decorate you won't see any santa or snowmen figurines hanging around my space. I prefer to create an environment that feels like a rustic lodge get away instead of santa's workshop. That way I'm more decorating for the full season as oppose to just the month of December. Think birchwood, cozy winter white knits, a whole lot of greenery, and hints of copper. I also love to use natural cotton as a snowy addition to my christmas tree and evergreen wreaths to help spruce them up a bit. 

What is your Christmas decorating style? Do you go all out with red & green or are you more of a neutral cozy kinda gal? 

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