The New Way To Get A Reservation | Reserve

I like Open Table as much as the next girl, but sometimes you have to switch things up. In my constant search for the latest and greatest apps I found Reserve, a company that just might replace my beloved Open Table. I like to think of Reserve as your very own digital concierge. Kinda of like what Apple did with Suri, but for restaurants.  

How It Works: To start, Reserve partners with restaurants that aim to provide you with a true dining experience. Once a restaurant is on their list, Reserve will work with them to get the reservations you desire. Simply put in the date, time, and number of guests that will be joining you and they'll do the rest. Apart from the general reservation concierge service, Reserve also has a number of other services that sets it apart from the rest. First is the optional bidding feature, which allows you to bid on reservations at high demands restaurants. It's perfect for getting into some of those high profile establishments that would otherwise be booked far in advance. The second feature is the apps payment platform that takes the hassle out of waiting for the check. 

While the app isn't currently providing the service in every city, they did just raise 15 million in funding. I'm hoping a good chunk of that goes towards getting restaurants involved sooner than later.

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