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With a plethora of options in this world the task of finding the best can be a bit of a hassle. Sometimes the hunt can be exciting. Sometimes I actually want to spend hours researching different products before even stepping foot into a store. Other times however I just want to get reliable unbiased information about what really is the best. Well thankfully that's exactly what Rank & Style is here for. I think of it as a modern day consumer report aimed at the interest of fashionistas.  

Rank & Style uses an algorithm that combs through the Internet searching blogs, product reviews, ratings, and any other information they can gather to formulate top ten lists for beauty & fashion. Every day they release another top ten list with products that are currently on trend, seasonally related, or reader requested.  With each top ten list you are provided information on who the product is made for, what it is loved for, and what it is best for. In need of a new summer blush I decided to give Rank & Style a try. While I can't say I'll stop reading my own reviews to get more detailed information I think this is an amazing starting point. Instead of having to research hundreds of possible products this narrows down the products significantly. Have any of you used Rank & Style before? I'd love to hear your thoughts as I'm new to the site! 

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