The App Making Following A Recipe That Much Easier | Sidechef

If you love cooking but find following a recipe difficult, I've got an app that is going to make you're cooking skills skyrocket. Earlier this week I discovered Sidechef, an app that allows you to follow along with recipes on your Ipad or Iphone with incredible ease. What is does is give you step by step cooking instructions in real time. The app will read each step out loud and won't continue onto the following step until you are good and ready. 

There are two features that really set it apart. The first feature is the built in timer which lets you worry about one less thing while you are following along with a recipe. The second is the use of voice commands. As each step in the recipe progresses, you can use the voice command to tell the app to move on to the next step. No more having to worry about messy hands on your electronics with this clever feature. 

So far I've used the app to make a few tasty things, and I must say I really am impressed. Looking for great recipes is easy, and the photographs that accompany are really great. As more people start discovering and using this awesome app, users reviews will let you know easy, delicious, and affordable each recipe is to make. If any of you have a hard time following recipes, I highly suggest checking it out. I found it really helpful for cooking a more complex meal, where it's easy to get lost in the steps. 

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