A Furniture Lover's Dream | Swoon Editions

With a big move right around the corner, I have furniture shopping on the brain. While I don't write about decorating a lot around here, it is pretty much one of my absolute favorite things to do. I'll take buying a new set of throw pillows over a pair of jeans any day of the week. It's my guilty pleasure to say the least, but the cost of buying my dream furniture just isn't a reality right now. Recently while scoping out some furniture stores, I came across this amazing company called Swoon Editions. Now before you get too excited, I must warn you that unless you are located in the UK you're out of luck with actually getting to buy any of these  insanely chic furnishings. If you are anything like me though, just looking at some of these beauties will instantly perk up your day.  

The company behind the beautiful and reasonably priced furniture is Swoon Editions. They are based out of London, and their mission is to help people obtain beautifully crafted furniture at a reasonable price. The way they keep prices so low is to have pieces shipped directly from the designers studio straight to your home, cutting way back on storage fees and store fronts. Each piece that is sold on Swoon starts out as a very small edition order and if the piece sells out quickly, Swoon will commission the piece for a full edition. 

Now like I said before, unless you are located in the UK you won't be able to order any of these beauties but I'm not giving up hope just yet for an expansion into the US. Until my pipe dream comes true, I'll be busy drooling over these amazing furnishings. What do you guys think? Aren't the pieces just amazing? I am pretty obsessed with anything in a stonewashed gray, so this chair is really speaking to me. 

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