Stress Free Packing With Travel Butler

I absoultely love to travel but when it comes to packing I am a complete mess. I'm not the type of person who overpacks, quite the opposite actually. I have this nasty tendency of just packing the fun outfits I want to wear without actually taking into consideration the weather. You see, a few years ago I traveled to Italy thinking I was going to be experiencing beautiful spring like weather. Much to my chagrin, the weather was more on the wintery side leaving my bare legs begging for pants. Since then I've been making every effort to pack with the weather in mind, but it's not always that easy. There are so many things to think about when packing and it can be so easy to loose track. 

Recently I discovered Travel Butler and its seriously helping with my packing anxiety. Travel Butler is an incredibly helpful app that generates packing lists based on your travel destination. Choose whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, or both if you'd like, input where you are traveling and the dates you'll be there and voila. Once you're list is generated you can add on additional items that you'd like to bring or delete ones that aren't relevant to your life. If you have items that you bring everywhere that aren't included on the general packing list, you can simply go into settings and add them to every list in the future. This way you don't have to worry about forgetting certain prescriptions or your kid's stuffed animal ever again. 

The last feature that is really great about Travel Butler is the Four Square generated restaurant & sight suggestions. This is super helpful for those last minute trips that haven't been fully researched. I know I'm guilty of not always planning out my trips perfectly, so this added feature is great for me. I tested the app out with a pretend trip to Charleston, SC and I must say it works great! I would however recommend generating the packing list as close to your trip as possible to avoid any last minute changes in weather! Now I just need to plan a real trip so that I can put this bad boy into action for real. Hope some of you have a special trip planned soon. If you do you should check out Travel Butler and let me know what you think. 


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