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In our heavily consumer driven world, we have an abundance of products thrown at us everyday. Some cheap, some expensive, but none the less they are everywhere. In an effort to keep some space in my tiny apartment, I've been on a mission to stop buying crap and only make room for high quality goods. When I stumbled upon Zady a few months ago, I was instantly drawn to their mission to provide expertly crafted products with a timeless style. They look for merchandise that is locally sourced & hand crafted with a focus on high quality, sustainable materials. 

One of my favorite aspects of Zady is their work with The Bootstrap Project. Every time you make a purchase through Zady, they work with The Bootstrap Project to help provide essential funding to artisans launching businesses in developing countries. Not only are you getting high quality, beautiful products, but you are making a difference. Check out their site, and let me know what your favorite product is. I am obsessed with the needle necklace and matching studs. They are promptly going on my wish list. 


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