Spotlight | Riley & Grey

Creating a beautiful wedding website has never been easier! Riley & Grey creates stunning ready made templates that take some of the work out of all that hectic wedding planning. If you choose to make your wedding site with Riley & Grey you can expect a stunning site design, a custom domain and so much more. One of my favorite features is the incredibly useful RSVP tool where guests can RSVP online. You may be thinking this sounds very similar to squarespace, which it is, but the added details that are wedding focused really make this the platform to choose when building your wedding website. The price point is a bit higher than your typically website, but if you are looking for an easy to build site that also looks beautiful I think it's worth the $240/year or $35/month. 

Now I must disclose I've never planned a wedding first hand, but I have observed a lot of stressed out brides poring over ever detail. The work that goes into creating your big day is mind boggling. I know so many of my favorite brides ditched the wedding website all together because it was just another hassle. If you wanted a beautiful site it required a lot of time or money. If you wanted it done quick you were stuck with something lack luster to say the least. Riley & Grey changes that. The designs are breathtaking and they are built to accommodate almost any brides taste. The RSPV collection is brilliant. I mean come on, how helpful would that be? All websites are mobile and tablet compatible allowing guests to view the site wherever and whenever they please. Are you sold yet, because I know I am! I'd love to hear if any of you brides out there have used Riley & Grey before? If you haven't realized yet I am quite smitten with their darling designs and ease of use! 

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