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Le Tote

For this week's spotlight, I am sharing with you yet another subscription service I am obsessed with. Le Tote is often easiest describe as the Netflixs for fashion. This subscription is great for the girl who hates to get caught wearing the same thing twice. 

How It Works: Each month you will pay a fee to be a member. Once you subscribe you'll be asked a few questions so the stylists can get a sense of your style. From there they will send you a curated box containing three garments & two accessories guaranteeing that each box is valued at over $200.00. You can keep your box as long as you want or exchange it for as many new boxes as you'd like during the month. If you are concerned about ruining the garment you can add on insurance to ease your worries. If you end up falling in love with the clothing or jewelry you can choose to keep it and purchase it at 30-50% off retail price. 

Since I typically only purchase "elevated basics", I love the idea of Le Tote. It would be a great way to try out fun fashion that I typically wouldn't splurge on. I'm all about expanding my fashion horizons, so why not right? What do you guys think about Le Tote? Would you ever have an interest in this or is it a bit out there for you?

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