Spotlight | Keep


If you haven't started using Keep yet, you are really missing out! It is an amazing site to catalog all of your most coveted products. Unlike Pinterest, Keep requires that you only "keep" products from online retailers. I love this aspects for two reasons. One, I always get so frustrated when I go to find the source of something on Pinterest only to come up empty handed. This ensures that whatever you "keep" is always linked to the actually source. Secondly, I love that I can use Keep exclusively for products. It comes in especially handy when I am planning blog posts, sourcing items for decorating projects, and monitoring the price points on some of my most desired items. 

Do you guys use Keep? If so let me know your user name! You can find all of these items and so many more over on my Keep page! 

Summer Body Oils

Watermelon Basil Ice Cubes