Skulls & Succulents | Mudpuppy

Holiday decorating is a blast, but buying seasonal items can get pricy. There's also that pesky problem of having to pack up and store your seasonal decor once the season passes. That's not too much of a hassle when you have an abundance of storage, but when you're living in 700 sq. ft, you've got to pick and choose what goes into it carefully. To maximize my space without having to take trips to the storage unit every few weeks, I like to purchase items that can work for months at a time, or even all year with a bit a tweaking. That's where this fun & festive skull planter comes into play. 

Halloween is a great time to fill the house with dark and eerie items, but having a home filled with lots of black & orange doesn't always transition so easily. Instead pick items that are seasonally appropriate, but aren't seasonal specific. You see, this white ceramic skull works perfectly for Halloween, especially if you plant a black aeonium arboreum in it, but it can also work year round. As the year progresses you can simply swap out your dark succulent for something a bit lighter or flowery and use it as a bookend. It's fun, festive, and functional... what more could you want? 

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