Simple Sunday

As I sit here on this beautiful Sunday morning, listening to the sweet crooning of Michael Bublé, I hope that everybody is experiencing an equally lovely day. Yesterday I took a drive to visit my mom at the shore. While we didn't do anything particularly exciting, it was so nice to just relax and smell the fresh ocean air. Sometimes it is the most simple moments that really bring clarity about what is really important in life. On this simple Sunday, I hope you take some time to smell the roses, make a delicious dinner, and savor the last moments of the weekend. 

Also if you have been using the new domain name,, I apologize if the sites design is looking a bit strange. For some reason when viewed on Safari, and only Safari, the site design is very messed up. I am trying to resolve the problem, but in the meantime please excuse the horrendous appearance. If you can't deal with the eye sore, which I totally cant, you can use the old domain and it should view completely normal. Thanks for understanding everyone! 

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