Simple Indulgence | Truffle Honey

Simple Indulgence | Truffle Honey

truffle honey

This weekend's simple indulgence is one of my all time favorite: truffle honey. It is such an easy ingredient that can elevate a meal and turn it into a truly indulgent experience. This weekend I'll be enjoying it in the one of the simplest ways, drizzled over delectable goat cheese served on a french baguette. Enjoy this treat with a crisp glass of bubbly and you are in for one heck of a weekend.  A few of my other favorite ways to utilize truffle honey is drizzled over roasted brussels sprouts, vanilla ice cream, and over creamy polenta. Those may sound like a stretch, but don't knock it until you try it guys! Do any of you have experience using truffle honey? Share with me some of your favorite uses, or let me know what your indulging in this weekend! 

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