Simple Indulgence | Take A Soak


Weekends to me are all about relaxation. Taking a few extra moments just for yourself. Things that seem like a burden during the week can easily become moments of relaxation with just a bit extra time. Take a shower for example. Most mornings we rush around trying to get a million things done before heading out the door. Enjoying a long hot shower, let alone a soak, is rarely an options. Instead most of us rush through the process because its a task, not a luxury. On the weekends I like to change that. 

Instead of rushing around in the morning this weekend, take a little extra time to enjoy the tasks. Enjoy a nice hot soak with some beautifully scented bath salts. Use this time to sip on morning coffee, enjoy a good read, or just listen to some music while you relax away. If taking a soak isn't in the cards for you, consider getting some really lovely body wash with a matching scent lotion. Take what has become a rushed task in your life and make it a luxurious relaxing experience on the weekend. Treating yourself to beautifully scented body wash doesn't have to be a crazy indulgence. I love buy mine at Target or T.J.Maxx. You can usually find really great products at an affordable price. My favorite part about this simple indulgence is that once you buy the initial body wash you will have it to enjoy for months to come! My favorite is Au Lait by Scottish Fine Soaps. At about $10 it is the perfect simple indulgence for me. I hope all of you find a way to let yourself relax and take in the little things this weekend. 

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