Simple Indulgence | Market Bag

Happy Friday everybody! Sorry for posting off my normal schedule this week. I've been experiencing terrible migraines, and the thought of looking at a computer screen made me want to cry. The good news is, I am feeling worlds better just in time for the weekend! For this weeks simple indulgence, I am keeping up with the environmentally friendly themes of Earth Day. I love bringing reusable market bags with me when I go to the store. Usually it is whatever plastic, brightly colored bag from the grocery store I have lying around. As a treat for all the environmentally conscious shopping I've been doing, I think it's about time I treat myself to one of these beautiful market bags. 

These bags are produced as a part of the Local + Global project with Apolis Global. The project creates meaningful employment for women in rural Bangladesh, so not only are you helping the environment by using a reusable bag, you are also helping women in need. To learn more about this incredible project head over to Apolis Global. In the meantime indulge yourself a little this weekend. Scoop up a beautiful reusable tote like this one, and fill it up with a few of your favorite goodies. I know I'll be filling mine up with some good wine, fresh flowers, and cheese galore. What would you put in your market bag? Hopefully something equally as delicious. Have a great weekend. 

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