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Dogfish Head

If you missed last weekend's simple indulgence don't worry! I'm back sharing my favorite indulgence for the weekend! Since it's summer and the weather is really starting to heat up, this weekend's indulgence involves cooling down with some unique craft brews. Over the past few months my taste for beer has really expanded. I went from being the girl who would never order a beer, to the lady who started choosing a craft beer over of a glass of champagne! Now no need for alarm, I still love me some champagne, but a girls gotta throw on her jorts once in a while and relax with some beers & fries if you know what I mean.

Now I'm a Pennsylvania girl but I received the majority of my education in Delaware, so when I find something amazing that is produce there I flock to it. By now Dogfish Head Brewery is petty well known, but if you haven't tasted their delicious craft beers you are really missing out. They have a wide variety that are bound to appeal to almost any beer preference. If you are looking for a few starter beers from Dogfish Head, I highly suggest checking out the 60 minute, Indian Brown Ale, and Midas Touch. I can't wait for August when I can finally make it down to the brewery to try out a few of their rare beers, but until then I'll be enjoying one of these. 

Have any of you tried Dogfish Head before? I'd love to hear about a few of your favorite craft beers. Have a great weekend and enjoy some sunshine while relaxing with a beer for me! 

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