Show Your Dog Some Love With BarkBox


I'm on a bit of a subscription kick lately. I'm not sure why but there is just something about getting a little package in the mail each month that excites me! Today's subscription is a bit different than the fashion & beauty subscriptions we've all become so fond of. Today I'm talking about a subscription made for that very special love in your life, your pup! Our dogs provide us so much love and joy, so why not give them a special treat once in a while!  

If you love spoiling your four legged friend you have check it out BarkBox! Each month your dog will recieve a box in the mail containing fun toys, healthy treats, and new doggy products that are bound to get you some doggy kisses coming your way. The boxes range in price from $29.00 for one month to $18.00 for a full year subscription, with varying plans in between. While the price is somewhat expensive, I've read that most boxes come in at a value way over the initial subscription price. Another great thing about BarkBox is that on top of being a fun treat for your dog, BarkBox gives 10% of each purchase to dog rescue groups. 

What do you guys think about this pet friendly subscription? I don't have a pup in my life just yet, but I know this is a fun little subscription I'd love to try out when I do get one. Have any of your tried BarkBox before? If you have, I'd love to hear your about your experience. I personally love that when you purchase a subscription you are not only showing your dog some love, but you're also spreading the love to various shelters & dog rescue groups. 

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