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I love a good sale as much as any girl, but the amount of emails I get informing me of them is quite frankly overwhelming. I figured there had to be a better way of finding out about sales without having to receive about 100 emails a day, right? Well apparently there is and it's called Shopdrop. Shopdrop is an app that will inform you of sales happening right in your area and online.

Currently ShopDrop's local feature is mostly focused in NYC, but don't worry because there are plans to expand into other cities in the future. For all you lucky NYC dwellers or vacationers the local feature allows you to find out about sales going on at smalls boutiques in your area, as well as giving you updates on all those amazing sample sales. If you want to still use Shopdrop but aren't located in the NYC area fear not. Until Shopdrop local expands to other cities, you use the app to find sales from your favorite brands online. I love this particular part of the app because it allows me to start unsubscribing to emails left and right. I haven't seen my inbox this empty in years! What do you guys think? Have any of you used Shopdrop or a similar sale finding app? I've checked out a few, but so far Shopdrop is my favorite! 

Image Credit: Death to the Stock Photo

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