Shop Fairgoods | Celebrating The Story Behind The Products

Half of the reason I love handmade & handcrafted products so much is the story behind them. The thought that goes into each and every design is what really makes them special. It's what helps me justify the extra money I spend on them. It's what makes me appreciate the process the designers take that much more. When you're paying a premium on something, you need these little justifications to help you rationalize the purchase. 

Now there are plenty of places to look these type of products, but one of my favorites is over on Fairgoods. Fairgoods is an online store where the artists & designers process and initial concept is highlighted in all of the product descriptions. If you love learning about the behind the scenes aspect of things, it doesn't get more convenient than this. If you're not so into the behind the scenes and just enjoy beautiful products, Fairgoods will also be right up your alley. From gorgeous jewelry to stunning home decor products, I assure you that you won't be disappointed. Now head on over and take a gander at some of the amazing products they have to offer. I know I'm not going back to school, but boy do I want that reusable brown bag

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