Spotlight | Shea DeTar

Wildly imaginative and vividly colorful are just two of the ways you can describe the work of the incredibly talented Shea DeTar. For my last birthday my friends went in and bought me a few of her prints that I'd been long coveting. I opted for some serene shots of the woman above. I love how her photographs have the ability transport you to a different place in time with their strong mystical quality. Her work allows you to escape the mundane for a brief moment evoking a flurry of emotions and inspiration. If you haven't already checked out her work I highly recommend heading over to her website (not at the office since she is really into nude work lately), following her on Instagram, and combing through her tumbler page. One of my favorite aspects of her work is that all of her photographs are later hand painted to give them their own unique touch. I hope you find her work as inspiring as I do! Have a beautiful weekend everybody!

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