Sergeant Sailor | Discover Forgotten Objects

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Isn't it great when your best friends just get yet? Last night one of my best friends sent me over a link to a vintage Etsy shop, Sergeant Sailor, that is everything I've been looking for and more. With my constant need to edit, I am continuously adding in new pieces to our space that can bring life to our ever so neutral dwelling. Sergeant Sailor is perfect for this because they have a vast selection of "forgotten objects" that can all be had at pretty reasonable prices. I'm convinced that this trapezoid mirror needs to make its way into our entry hall and these emerald candlesticks are required by my bedside. While some people may not usually love antiques or vintage wares, I'm convinced that this has to be because they aren't shopping in the right places. when you find a shop with as many lovely gems like this one, there has to be something that can strike even those most vintage opposed's fancy! 

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