Send A Taste Of Home For The Holidays | Goldbely

The holidays can be difficult when your family is scattered around the country. For the past few years, my older brother has been living out west, and his visits are not as frequents as any of us would like. While I know he misses us, I also know that he desperately misses the food. He is never able to attend our summer blue crab feasts, and the idea not being able to eat a decent cheesesteaks during an Eagles game is downright unacceptable. And don't get him started on the lack of a good bagel or Italian pastries out where he lives. You'll never hear the end of it! 

Being as much of a foodie as he is, I've always thought that sending him a little food care package would be the perfect pick me up.  Unfortunately every time I've wanted to do this the logistics behind shipping always seems too complicated and I give up. Finally thanks to Goldbely I can easily send him a few of his favorites to give him a taste of home while he's away. I'm thinking that a getting a shipment of Jim's Steaks will make me his all time favorite sibling!

What do you guys think about sending a taste of home to your far away loved ones? Are there any home town treats that you think would bring a smile to a long distance friend? I know that this is a holiday gift that I wouldn't complain about but then again I never complain about a cheesesteak. 

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