Say Yes To Jumpsuits

the jumpsuit

News Flash: I love a good jumpsuit. As a girl who lives in basics, jumpsuits are a bit of a departure from my daily wardrobe. Wearing a jumpsuit has a way of instantly making me feel cool, fresh, hip, and whatever else I want to be in that moment. I know, I know, it's just an article of clothing but what I wear really has a way of transforming my mood. I won't lie, I'll wear a jumpsuit just about anywhere. With so many incredible options I think you can easily find a jumpsuit to fit any occasion. I'm currently obsessing over this incredible Marchesa Voyage mint green jumpsuit. It would be perfect for a casual summer wedding. It's elegant, effortless, and comfortable for dancing. What more could you want?

What do you think of the jumpsuit? Is this something would ever wear to a wedding or keep it reserved for casual outings? 

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