Resturant Wait Lists Just Got Slightly Less Annoying | NoWait App

NoWait App

This past weekend I tried with no avail to get into some of my favorite local restaurants. To my dismay, I found that most places that didn't take reservations had a mile long wait list. Frustrated with my potential hour and a half wait, I decided it was about time I checked out the NoWait app I've been hearing so much about. With NoWait you are shown a list of local restaurants, their distance from you, and the current wait time. If you find one you are interested in, you can simply add yourself to the wait list and conveniently receive a text message informing you when your table is almost ready. I like to think of it as the tech equivalent of call ahead seating at Outback. 

Lately it seems like I've had one to many evenings where the wait at a restaurant was too long and I opted for some unsatisfying fast food just to fill me up. Hopefully with the use of this app and a little planning ahead, I can cut out some of those fast food fridays and start enjoying a good date night, without a case of the hangries. What do you guys think of NoWait? Have any of you used the app before? If there doesn't seem to be a lot of restaurants using the app in your area quite yet don't fret! NoWait is said to be adding tons of new restaurants in the coming months. 

Image Credit: Death to the Stock Photo

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