Restored Vintage Prints | Anewall

And my love of vintage maps & bison wall art continues. Today I'm sharing some of the beautiful work from Anewall, a company that focuses on bringing high quality, large restored vintage prints & photography to the masses. Usually when you want to buy prints this large you are looking at spending hundreds of dollars, but with Anewall you can get some amazing large prints at incredibly reasonable prices.  

If you are sick of hearing about bison art don't worry because after finding this company I can finally stop looking. Now I just need help deciding between the Yellowstone Bison or the Free American Bison print. I'm currently leaning towards the Yellowstone Bison but I have a feeling that's only because winter is right around the corner! What do you guys think? Should I go with the print that will be appropriate year round or should I go with the bison in the snow? Also if you aren't as obsessed with bison prints as I am, they have a wide variety of other prints that are pretty stunning. I've included some in my slideshow above so let me know what strikes your fancy, and chime in on which bison deserves a spot in my home! Happy Friday! 

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