Removable Wallpaper For Renters & Indecisive Decorators

The options available for customizing a rental spaces can be quite limiting for a design obsessed individual like myself. I've considered painting my space, but that didn't really feel like enough. What I've really been dreaming of is adding something more unique to my space through pattern play. Since regular wallpaper is out of the question, I figured I'd have to get creative on this front. I've toyed with the idea of using this more cost effective wallpaper hack, but I'm not convinced this will get the job done. What I really want is high end removable wallpaper.   

Not being sure what I'd find, I was surprised by how many amazing options are out there. I always figured the options would be dull but that's far from the case. Since I'm a huge fan of neutrals, I assumed that I'd only gravitate towards the more subdued patterns, but when I saw this multicolored option by Lina Rennell I was shocked by how much I loved it. Over the past few days my mind has been running like crazy just thinking of all the amazing ways I could incorporate it into my space. Right now I'm thinking of using it to create a statement wall in our otherwise neutral bedroom.  


Since I'm still on the fence, I'd love to hear if any of you have used removable wallpaper before? I know the cost will be hefty but I'm in need of something fun to add some interest into our space.   

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