Reissued | Taking Vintage Shopping Mobile

If you love vintage goods but find yourself not having the time to search for them, you are going to love Reissued. Reissued is an app that focuses on making vintage shopping as convenient as possible by partnering with vintage vendors to bring their growing collections straight to your mobile device. Just because you love vintage wares doesn't mean you shop for them the old fashion way. Now you can enjoy shop for vintage goods at anytime, anywhere. How great is that?

The convenience behind this app is what really sets it apart. Reissued gives you multiple ways to find the items you are most interested in. You can select specific vendors whose products align with your tastes or you can search through all the goods available. I enjoy using both ways, because I feel I find more unique products that way. If you find an item you like but aren't ready to purchase it, you can simply like the item and come back to view it later. If you find something you absoultely can't live without, Reissued makes purchasing it extremely easy for you. Everything you see on Reissued is available to purchase straight through the app. How great is that? I only started using Reissued recently, but I am loving the variety of products they have available. The leather bags alone keep me coming back for more! 

What do you guys think? Have any of you used Reissued before? I'd love to hear if this is something you are interested in or if you still prefer good old fashioned vintage shopping? I personally like both. Anything that gives me more ways to find things I love is always okay with me! 


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