Reese's Ice Cream Pie

Reese's Ice Cream Pie

Thing number two I love about birthdays are the delicious desserts you get to enjoy guilt free! My go to dessert to make for a summer birthday is my delicious reese's ice cream pie. It's pretty simple to throw together in a pinch and is pretty impossible to mess up! If you want to add an extra handmade touch (make your life my difficult), you can always make your own reese's cups to use instead of the store bought ones. They are pretty simple to make.  All you need are some cupcake tins, chocolate chips, peanut butter, powdered sugar, a little butter, and a microwave! 

Since I refuse to make my own cake for my birthday, I figured I'd share the recipe with some pretty graphics instead of actually making the cake. Nobody likes to waste cake, and I need to save room for all the delicious desserts I'm going to indulge in this weekend! If you have any ice cream loving summer babies in your life, I highly recommend trying out this recipe for them! It's perfect for children, but it's even better for making an adult feel like a kid again. Enjoy! 

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