Pretty Planters For Succulants | Nystrom

A few months ago I introduced something to my apartment that was very out of the norm, a real life living plant. I have a bad history of destroying all things green, so I've always avoided bring plants into our home. While I'll usually purchase flowers to liven up our space, I've recently been getting tired of having to buy fresh flowers every week. Instead, I decided that it's about time I grow up and put my black thumb to bed. To my surprise, I actually managed to keep my little plant alive. It's actually thriving if I do say so myself! As a little treat to reward my transition towards having a green thumb, I've decided to purchase some fancy planters for all the new green additions I'll be adding to our space. While the options are endless, I am pretty much obsessed with these metal and wood planters from Nystrom. They are the perfect size for all those lovely little succulents I am always fawning over.

Here's to well designed homewares & slowly transitioning into adulthood one living plant at a time. Happy Monday all. 


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