Outfit Your Walls

Since moving into a new apartment I have been looking for creative ways to decorate. Not planning on being here for very long I wanted to avoid painting. This meant I need to liven up my walls with some fun and unique art. Unsure of the exact colors I wanted to utilize throughout my apartment I needed something that would work in a lot of settings. One of my favorite ways I accomplished this is by using stationary. Coral and Tusk make these amazing laser cut cards that are perfect because you can change out the background color to suit your needs. 


I selected a birthday bear and a moth print to use in my space. For $8.00 each it is a super affordable way to decorate  your walls in a playful way. During the holidays I like to change out the background color to either red, gold, and green for a holiday feel. What do you think?  Is it an interesting way to affordably decorate your walls? 

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