How To Style One Shirt For Four Distinct Styles

Fashion in my mind is suppose to be fun. I don't like to stick to any rules when it comes to it. There are really only two things I consider when it comes to style. One: Fashion is about exploring different sides of your personality and feelings. Two: With a little work you can reinvent any piece of clothing to work with any woman's style. I often hear woman say things like they could never wear that or they could never pull that off which is just not true. 

In an effort to prove this I styled this lace top from Zara with four very distinct styles. I believe that every woman has a little bit of each of these women inside of them but its all about which version you want to show to the world today. Click on the gallery above to see how I would style this shirt for the risk taker, the elegant explorer, the free spirit, and the classic beauty. Roll over each photo for product details and where to purchase. 

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Gluten Free Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

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