On The Go Translator App | Word Lens

Next time you find yourself traveling abroad and confused about what a sign says fear not! With Word Lens you can instantly translate the words you can't read with the use of the apps built-in camera. Now you no longer have to worry about wandering into a do not enter just because you couldn't read German.

If you have some knowledge of a language but are far from fluent, you may also enjoy the apps dictionary. I tested it out with a few french words that I wasn't quite sure of and it worked perfectly. I find that feature helpful when it comes to French because after studying it for about 8 years I'm still far from fluent, but usually know enough to get me by.   

After testing out the app I have to say that while it's not flawless it really is incredibly helpful. During my first run at it, I found the built-in camera a bit difficult to stabilize but with a bit of patience & practice it works much better. I really enjoy that the app has both the built-in camera feature and dictionary so that I don't download two separate apps. You can't beat an app that does both your translating needs in one, limiting the amount of memory you need to use up!

Now I just need to plan a trip over to Germany (my friend just moved there for a year) so that I can really put the app to use! Have any of you used Word Lens before? I'd love to hear your take on it or if you've found a translating app that you think works better! 

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