OLO Frangrance

Hello again! Sorry about that brief, unexpected break I took. Life kind of got away from me for a bit between getting our new pup and celebrating my birthday. It's such a cliché but life really does fly by the older you get.

So with another birthday under my belt, I find myself with a renewed interest in watching what I put in and on my body. From food to products, I've decided it's time to put some serious attention into finding products that are more natural, while not sacrificing on quality. This may mean I have to get rid of a few of my go-to beauty products, but with a little searching I've found that there actually are a number of high quality, beautiful products out there that take a more natural approach. 

To start my beauty bag transition towards more natural products, I'm thinking about switching out my trusty Wood Sage & Sea Salt perfume by Jo Malone for a more natural scent from OLE. Their fragrances aren't 100% natural, but each and every fragrance oil in their line are at least 85% natural with as little synthetic ingredients used as possible. For an addition level of indulgence, each bottle is hand blended and bottled to order ensuring that your scent isn't just another one in a million. With multiple ways to shop, online or at one of the boutiques stocking them, you won't have to worry about this being a hard to obtain product. I'm currently choosing between dark wave and wyeth so I'll be ordering a few 1 oz samples this weekend to help me make my final decision.  

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