Keep Connected To The People That Matter | Bond

 Life gets busy but that doesn't mean it's okay to forget about keeping in touch with the people that are important to you. Most of us can remember to call our parents but sometimes it's hard to remember to catch up with some of your oldest friends  or siblings. I know that I'm definitely guilty of it. Recently I realized that it had been over two months since I had called my brother! Totally not okay, so I vowed to myself that I wouldn't let it happen again. Luckily right around the same time that I made this promise to myself I downloaded and started to use an app called Bond

Bond is a pretty simple app but the concept behind it is really incredible. The point of Bond is to help you make sure that you never forget to connect with the people you care about. The way they go about accomplishing this is to let you schedule reminders for phone calls, text messages, or facebook messages with people in your phone book. You first select the type of communication you would like to have and then you select how often you want to be reminded. I like to set up reminders for monthly phone calls and weekly text messages. This helps me make sure that the time between in depth conversations don't seem far apart.

Have any of you use bond? Hopefully you guys are better than me at remembering to keep in touch but if your not make sure to check out Bond. 

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