DIY Gold Accent Frame


This year I am trying to go outside my comfort zone and utilize some more unique pieces in my decor. I tend to buy very plain, sleek items that can be used in a variety of spaces. While trying to find some new frames that still had a clean look with just a little something extra I was shocked at how expensive products with that concept could be. Instead of spending a bunch of money I decided to use what I have and elevate it myself. To give an old ikea frame a face lift I used some metallic gold spray paint to liven up the corners. For such a quick, easy, and affordable project it made a world of difference.  

orignial frame.jpg
gold frame.jpg

All you need for this project is painters tape, spray paint, and any plain frame. I wanted a metallic finish so I used this Rust-Oleum gold metallic spray paint. Step One: Clean frame thoroughly and remove glass, print, and backing from frame. Step Two: Use painters tape to make patten. I used simple squared off sections for just a bit of gold. Step Three: Lightly spray paint sections allowing to dry before applying second coat. Step Four: Once dry reassemble frame and you are done! How easy is that? What would you do to give this boring old frame a face lift? 

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